Monday, January 10, 2011

Video: Marshawn Lynch: Beast Mode Madness

Marshawn Lynch has had a tough season. There are no two ways about it. He moved from Buffalo to Seattle, but unfortunately saw little improvement in his offensive line despite the move. Still, it doesn't quite explain his drop off in production. And then Saturday happened. On Saturday, the Oakland Tech high school graduate shook off the cob webs and broke out his signature Beast Mode to romp for a game-sealing 67 yard touchdown run in the 4th quarter against the world champion New Orleans Saints. 

To say it was a great run would be an understatement. He broke in excess of half a dozen tackles en route to the end zone, saving a particularly savage stiff-arm/push for Tracy Porter that screamed "GET OFFA ME!" It is a clip that I have now watched about 30 times, that the Pacific Northwest will hold up as a holy grail of sorts, and football fans the world over will remember as one of the greatest runs in football playoff history. 

There is no denying the improbability of that run, or the odds-defying win it helped create. I for one am curious to see how many babies born in Seattle in the next week will be named Marshawn, because "the worst team to ever make the playoffs" has all the juice now! If ever there was an underdog story, this is it. Hopefully that break out run is the spark Marshawn and the Seahawks need to give folks a serious run for their money in the coming weeks. All I know is that without Oak-Town, Sea-Town could easily be home in bed right now. 


Part 2 of 38thnotes Exclusive Interview with Marshawn Lynch & Josh Johnson


Clif Soulo said...

Town shit. Beast Mode. Money Lynch. Oakland Tech. Yeeeeeeeah Buddy. and check this out.

Oakland's finest!! hahahahahaaha

Coolhand Luke said...

Thanks Clif! Had to include the nut grab!

"Hand on my dick cuz I beast like Marshawn Lynch"

Anonymous said...

I don't know what's better...the hand on his dick or old man Hasselbeck tryin to get down there for a piece of the action...

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